mental anomalies

Ride my roller coaster of random thoughts & emotions (aka mental anomalies)


September 2015





I would say I am a bit (oh ok more than a bit) of loner & also socially anxious.  I like doing things & going places on my own – it’s less stressful.  I mean it’s just easier to be me when I don’t have to worry about other people’s judgement or even being anxious because my mind is making its own (likely insane) assumptions about what people think of me.  Hell half the time I don’t know if I like me.  It’s a good day if I am content….and not wildly emotional…


Mental anomalies

Mental Anomalies is place where I can learn to express my roller coaster of random thoughts/emotions, that I think & feel each day, as I try to go beneath the surface in order to rediscover who I AM & unsilence my own voice…

“I have always felt alienated from words, attacked by them, silenced by them, ignored by them, words have never been fast friends. I listen to the voices that come from my heart, and scream from my guts, I am more than what you see.” ~unknown

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